Talking Stress and Separation Anxiety with Stacey Bell and Ness Jones

Recently I sat down with Stacey Bell and Ness Jones on their “Tails from the Dog House: Separation Anxiety Explained” podcast for an in-depth conversation about the types of stress, the impacts of stress, and building resilience.  Specifically, we discussed the chronic stress of separation anxiety in dogs, and how it can affect other areas of their lives. We explored five things that can help dogs cope with stress, and much, much more. 

This expert pair brings global attention to separation anxiety in dogs. You can find Stacey via Focused Fun in the United States and Ness Jones with Separation Anxiety in Dogs Decoded in Australia. 

Here are some links to connect you to the various platforms where their podcast is featured. You can also watch and listen to our conversation right now on YouTube! Alternatively, it’s available on all good listening apps.

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Kristina Spaulding

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