Do e-collars speed learning in dogs?

Have you ever considered using an electronic collar (aka e-collar or shock collar) to train your dog?  Perhaps you advocate against their use or feel they can be helpful in certain situations.  The use of e-collars (one form of positive punishment) in dog training has been hotly debated for the last several decades.  One school of trainers… Continue reading Do e-collars speed learning in dogs?

How do we make our dogs happy?

What does it take to make your dog happy?  For one thing, lots of free treats, right?  Maybe not.  A recent study by Swedish researchers looked at how dogs react to getting “free”, unpredictable rewards versus working to earn predictable rewards. The Study The researchers trained beagles in the experimental group to use three distinct… Continue reading How do we make our dogs happy?

Do Dogs Experience Jealousy?

Does your dog get upset when you pay attention to someone else?  Have you ever talked about your dog being jealous or wondered what’s going on in his head?  A recent study on jealousy in dogs may offer some answers.  The study was conducted by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, and published… Continue reading Do Dogs Experience Jealousy?