The Science of Fear


The Science of Fear

Are You Ready To Transform Your Approach to Fear-Related Canine Behavior? 

Join us for the Science of Fear and dive into the science of canine fears, phobias, and fear-based aggression with this dynamic course, designed to empower you with invaluable knowledge and practical strategies.

What we’ll geek out about

The Science of Fear: Understand the science of classical conditioning and how it shapes canine behavior. Get the skills you need to distinguish between classical and operant conditioning, laying the groundwork for effective training.

Nurture Confidence: Explore science-driven methods for reducing fear and nurturing confidence in dogs. From the foundations of fear reduction techniques to the nuances of counter-conditioning, equip yourself with powerful strategies to transform fear into resilience.

Decode the Biology: Delve into the biological factors influencing fear, learning, and behavior. Unlock the secrets of neurobiology and stress, revealing the reasons behind fear responses in dogs.

Apply Insights: This isn’t just theory – it’s practical wisdom for working directly with dogs. Elevate your existing approach or kickstart your journey into behavior modification, armed with a deep understanding of fear dynamics.

What You’ll Gain

Elevate Your Practice: Supercharge your skills and elevate your behavior practice. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence in handling fear-related behaviors.

Solve Complex Problems: Tackle fear-related issues with precision and confidence. Whether it’s phobias, aggression, or anxiety, unlock the solutions that will transform the lives of both dogs and their guardians.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: In the ever-evolving field of dog training, staying ahead is crucial. Gain a competitive edge by immersing yourself in the latest research-backed methods and approaches, equipping yourself with a wealth of knowledge that sets you apart in the field of dog training and behavior.

Maximize Your ROI: Your investment in this course isn’t just financial – it’s an investment in your future success. With 4 CEUs from CCPDT and IAABC, you’re not just learning, you’re earning.

We’ll cover all kinds of fear-related topics including:

  • The basics of classical conditioning*
  • Distinguishing between classical and operant conditioning
  • Factors influencing the strength of fear learning
  • Biological factors influencing learning
  • The science of various techniques for reducing fear including extinction and counter-conditioning
  • The influence of stress on fear and treatment of fear
  • The neurobiology of fear

This course covers scientific research and theory with many applications to working directly with dogs. It is not a hands-on course designed to take you through every step of the process for behavior modification. Rather it provides you with a strong understanding of how fear works and how it applies to dogs to enhance your existing approach or lay the groundwork for moving into behavior modification of fear and fear-related behaviors.

Course features & tuition

Type of course: Self-paced.

Flexible Learning: Integrate your studies into your busy life, ensuring you can delve deep into the course material without disrupting your personal and professional schedule.

What you’ll do
  • 4 + hours lectures
  • Interactive activities 
  • Quizzes 

Engaged Learning: Including dynamic lectures, interactive activities, and quizzes. You’ll enjoy an enriching learning experience to solidify your understanding.


Enhance Your Credentials: Earn 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), bolstering your professional resume and credibility in the field.

Your tuition: $200 

Access Quality Training at an Affordable Price: Gain access to comprehensive training that won’t break the bank, ensuring you receive maximum value for your investment in advancing your career.


Once the course is purchased, you will have immediate access, allowing you to kickstart your learning journey right away.


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