Take a deep dive into the science of dog behavior

Take a deep dive into the science of dog behavior

Not your typical dog trainer courses—I’ll be taking you way beyond the basics


The things you didn’t know you didn’t know

I’ll give you access to game-changing behavior knowledge and insights 99% of dog pros don’t even know exist.


Apply your learning to make the world a better place for dogs

This science MATTERS to dogs’ lives—you’ll make a whole new difference for the dogs you love and serve.


Active community learning

Lectures are great, but let’s not stop there—let’s get our hands dirty, our minds whirring, and have fun together.


Have your mind blown

Simply put, I mean to rock your world. You’ll never look at dogs, behavior, or your craft the same way again.

Course catalog

Advanced Consulting

The Advanced Consulting Practicum is an opportunity to get personal case consulting from Kristina Spaulding, PhD, CAAB and from the other students in the course.

Upcoming course dates:

Begins: January 4, 2024

Unlocking Resiliency: The Big Course

Everything is connected. It’s difficult to truly understand how the many different aspects of behavior fit together without spending a lot of time with the material. That’s why this course exists – to take all the different pieces of information related to stress and resiliency and put them all into one cohesive, in-depth narrative.

Upcoming course dates:

In progress: August 14, 2023

Next course: February, 2024

Introduction to Instrumental Learning

New to the science of learning? This course is for you. Add an understanding of why dogs do what they do (and don’t) to your training skills and watch your results hit new heights.

Upcoming course dates: Fall 2023

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Exclusive One-on-One Professional Consultation
Unlock the full potential of your animal behavior expertise with an exclusive one-on-one consulting session with Dr.Kristina Spaulding, Ph.D., CAAB, applied behavior science instructor and self-described geek!

Upcoming course dates:

Course begins: Winter 2023/2024

The Science of Fear

Take a detailed look at how animals develop fear, how it impacts them, and how to address it. Improve your ability to help dogs suffering from fears, phobias, and fear-related aggression through the science of classical conditioning.

Upcoming course dates:

Fall 2023

Are my courses right for you? What you should know…

Quick Quiz:

  • Are you a dog geek?
  • Do you love (or are at least curious about) the science of behavior?
  • Do you want to arm yourself with the latest understanding of how to make dogs’ lives better (and your own job easier)?
  • Do you enjoy learning alongside supportive, passionate training colleagues?


If so, you’re probably in the right place.

That said, I do want you to know these are real courses, not simple lectures or webinars. I encourage active learning and interaction with fellow students. There will be brief in-class assignments and actual quizzes. And I teach at a college level because these are college-level concepts.

No need to worry, though. My job is to see you succeed. If you haven’t taken a college course before but are willing to put in the work and reach out if you need help, I’m certain you’ll rock this (and fun doing it, too)!