Stress & Its Impact on Behavior


Stress & Its Impact on Behavior

What we’ll geek out about

THIS COURSE has been wrapped into Unlocking Resilience: The Big Course. Learn all about it here! 

It’ll come as no surprise that stress affects behavior. In truth, stress is EVERYTHING. (Alright, well, almost everything.) A deep understanding of the effects of stress, how they work at different life stages of the dog, and what we can do about them can be a game changer for the dogs we work with.

Here’s some of what we’ll look at in what I think you’ll find a truly eye-opening course:

  • How to recognize the indicators of stress, from the very obvious to the very subtle
  • Did you know there are actually different types of stress? You’ll learn how to tell the difference, and why it matters
  • How stress impacts a dog’s brain over the course of his or her life
  • The basic physiology of stress–what stress does to a dog’s body

Most importantly, though, we’ll work through what all this means for the dogs you work with, and how you can use this knowledge to improve their quality of life as well as your training and behavior mod outcomes.

Course features & tuition

How long we’ll hang out

4 weeks

What we’ll do
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Lecture, discussion, interactive application activities & short in-class assignments
  • Quizzes to cement your knowledge & gain your CEUs

CCPDT – 8 for full students, 4 for auditors; IAABC – 10 for full students, 4 for auditors

Your tuition

$330 for students
(Includes 4 hours of instruction, 4 hours of discussion and application activities, course quizzes)

Monthly payment plans are available (for full students only) – 3 payments of $110/month 

$200 for auditors
(Includes 4 hours of instruction)


Course begins:

Course begins: TBD. Last course run May 2022 

Lecture and discussion times TBD.


Download the syllabus here.

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