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Exclusive One-on-One Professional Consultation

Unlock the full potential of your animal behavior expertise with an exclusive one-on-one consulting session with Dr.Kristina Spaulding, Ph.D., CAAB, applied behavior science instructor and self-described geek! 

As a dedicated professional committed to advancing your skills, a personalized consultation offers a unique opportunity for us to delve deeply together into any one of a wide range of topics related to dog behavior, training, and your professional journey.

What You Can Expect

I love geeking out on science, dog behavior, and innovative new ideas! You can anticipate an enthusiastic exchange as we explore the depths of your questions. I’m committed to ensuring your success, providing creative insights, and offering friendly support. Get ready for an engaging hour-long consultation that blends science, applied animal behavior, and your professional aspirations on any question you wish to investigate.

Whether you have a specific behavior case you’re wrestling with, have questions about behavior in general, are seeking career advice, or need guidance on topics like graduate school or program development, this time with me is yours! It’s an opportunity to tap into my wealth of experience and knowledge, in a conversation that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Areas of Focus:

  • Case Consulting: Dive deep into specific cases you’re currently working on and receive valuable insights and feedback. Note that my specialty is in dogs and that is where I am most qualified to offer guidance. I am happy to discuss other species as well, just be aware that our conversation would be more generally focused on animal behavior and that I will be missing certain aspects of species-specific knowledge.
  • General Animal Behavior: Explore any aspect of animal behavior that intrigues you or presents a challenge in your work.
  • Career Guidance: Navigate the path of your professional journey with personalized advice and insights.
  • Program Development: Receive guidance on developing effective programs to enhance your services.
  • And More: From graduate school decisions to any area of expertise, it’s your hour to discuss anything you need.

Just a note: Please be aware that I do not provide consulting services for separation anxiety cases. If you’re a fellow professional seeking assistance with separation anxiety, I recommend Malena DiMartini’s program.

Who Can Benefit:

Designed exclusively for professionals in the field, these one-on-one sessions cater to animal trainers, behavior consultants, and individuals dedicated to advancing their professional behavior knowledge and skills.

These sessions are intended for professionals – or aspiring professionals – in animal training and behavior., with a focus on dogs. Owners looking for help with behavior issues can find behavior consultants through IAABC  and CoreCAAB. 

At Science Matters we are dedicated to supporting your continuous growth and excellence in the field of animal training and behavior. Join me for a transformative experience that will help answer your training and behavior questions and propel your professional journey forward!

Investment in Your Growth:

A one-hour session is available for $200, providing you with focused, individualized attention and guidance. 

How to Get Started

Secure your one-on-one session by scheduling an appointment today. Simply click the button below to access our booking platform and take that first step toward unlocking the full potential of your dog behavior expertise.