Here are some extra things I’m up to—come join me!

Here are some extra things I’m up to—come join me!

Check out these opportunities to geek out with me (and awesome guest speakers, too) about science and dogs

The Stress Factor in Dogs: Unlocking Resiliency and Enhancing Well-Being

My new book!

An in-depth analysis of the science behind stress in dogs

In The Stress Factor in Dogs, Dr. Kristina Spaulding explores what science has revealed about stress in dogs and other mammals and demonstrates how to effectively read scientific research in order to apply our acquired knowledge to the dogs in our lives. This thoroughly comprehensive book provides detailed insight on how stress affects the health and well-being of our dogs at all stages of development. By analyzing how stress is connected to problem behaviors, such as aggression and reactivity, Dr. Spaulding is able to offer solutions to dog owners, trainers, veterinarians, and shelter staff who desire to reduce stress and increase resiliency in dogs.

Research Bites Podcast

Interviews with animal behavior researchers about applied animal behavior.

Latest episode: August 8, 2023 – Rose Browne, KPA CPT



Canine Impulsivity and Fear Mentorship – Begins October 16, 2023 – Would you like to improve your effectiveness and success rate with canine impulsivity/hyperactivity, reactivity, and fear clients, or are you looking to get started with these types of behavior issues? This 8-week Mentorship will focus on this and more.

The Thinking Animal: Cognition and its Role in Behavior – January 1, 2024 –  What’s going on in an animal’s head (even when they’ve decided it’s a great idea to stick their head in a wasp’s nest) is a complex, fascinating, and vital part of understanding their behavior! This course will introduce some key questions in animal cognition.

Learn more about these and more IAABC courses and events here.


September 29 – October 1, 2023

I’ll be speaking at the 2023 Aggression in Dogs Conference. Don’t miss out on the conference everyone is talking about, with both in-person and online options. 

Join the world’s foremost experts on dog aggression this fall in Chicago, or via livestream. 

You can find more information and a list of speakers here.


October 13 – 15, 2023

I’ll be speaking at the 2023 Clinical Animal Behavior Conference, being held this year at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, IL. I’ll be presenting three different topics:

  • Promoting the Self-Regulation of Behavior
  • Hyperactivity and Impulsivity in Dogs
  • Why Enrichment Matters

I hope you’ll join me in Chicago! You can learn more and register here.


April 27 – 28, 2024

I’m incredibly honored to accept the invitation of Happy Dogs, Education canine & coaching en comportement, for my very first seminar in Europe. I’ll be presenting a two-day event on Resilience in Dogs in April. Stay up-to-date by following their Facebook Event, share with friends and colleagues, and/or join me in beautiful Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland!

The seminar will be given in English, with consecutive translation in French.

Discover workshop details and learn more about Happy Dogs here.