Here are some extra things I’m up to—come join me!

Here are some extra things I’m up to—come join me!

Check out these opportunities to geek out with me (and awesome guest speakers, too) about science and dogs



Canine Impulsivity and Fear Mentorship – Begins October 16, 2023 – Would you like to improve your effectiveness and success rate with canine impulsivity/hyperactivity, reactivity, and fear clients, or are you looking to get started with these types of behavior issues? This 8-week Mentorship will focus on this and more.

The Thinking Animal: Cognition and its Role in Behavior – January 1, 2024 –  What’s going on in an animal’s head (even when they’ve decided it’s a great idea to stick their head in a wasp’s nest) is a complex, fascinating, and vital part of understanding their behavior! This course will introduce some key questions in animal cognition.

Learn more about these and more IAABC courses and events here.

STRESS, HEALTH AND BEHAVIOR: Why Physical Health and Behavior are Inextricably Linked

Available for members of Fear Free

In many cases, focusing exclusively on physical health or on behavior limits our ability to foster overall well-being and achieve successful outcomes for animals. The goal of this course is to help you better understand these connections so that you can best serve animals and their people—whether you work in a veterinary or training environment.

In this course, we will discuss the intersections among physical health and behavior, the impacts of stress, and the connection among immune function, the microbiome, pain, and behavior.

This course was written by myself, Kristina Spaulding, PhD, CAAB and Amy Learn, VMD, DACVB, IAABC-CABC and is approved for ONE hour of RACE CE.

 You can find more information here on the Fear Free website.


April 27 – 28, 2024

I’m incredibly honored to accept the invitation of Happy Dogs, Education canine & coaching en comportement, for my very first seminar in Europe. I’ll be presenting a two-day event on Resilience in Dogs in April. Stay up-to-date by following their Facebook Event, share with friends and colleagues, and/or join me in beautiful Vernier, Geneva, Switzerland!

The seminar will be given in English, with consecutive translation in French.

Discover workshop details and learn more about Happy Dogs here.