The Terrible Teens – Adolescence in Dogs

Image by Alexander Droeger from Pixabay

Over the years, I have been increasingly interested in adolescent dogs for a number of reasons. First, this is a hugely challenging period of time for dog guardians – and an age when many dogs are given up. It’s also probably a challenging time for the dogs themselves. That would explain why their behavior often… Continue reading The Terrible Teens – Adolescence in Dogs

A Brief Primer on Punishment and Reinforcement

Would you like to improve your understanding of your dogs’ behavior?  What about the behavior of your family, friends and co-workers?  If you really want to understand behavior (and training) then it is absolutely critical that you understand the basics of learning.  You have probably heard the terms “punishment” and “reinforcement” many times, both in… Continue reading A Brief Primer on Punishment and Reinforcement

Do Dogs Experience Jealousy?

Does your dog get upset when you pay attention to someone else?  Have you ever talked about your dog being jealous or wondered what’s going on in his head?  A recent study on jealousy in dogs may offer some answers.  The study was conducted by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, and published… Continue reading Do Dogs Experience Jealousy?