Mini Episode 1 – Horse Handling, Cat Aggression, and Pandemic Puppies

Here is a quick little episode for you with a summary of three recent papers that I think you’ll enjoy. As I review each study, I also provide guidance on how to evaluate the design and findings with an open, inquiring and interpretive mind.  Each paper is open access, so I hope if you find the topics interesting, you’ll read them in full below.

If you find this information as fascinating as I do and would like more opportunities to stay current with dog behavior research — and occasionally other species! — check out Research Bites here, and get more information on my courses and upcoming events at www.sciencemattersllc.com.

Here are the papers I discuss in this episode:

Pereira-Figueiredo, I., Rosa, I., & Sancho Sanchez, C. (2024). Forced Handling Decreases Emotionality but Does Not Improve Young Horses’ Responses toward Humans and their Adaptability to Stress. Animals, 14(5), 784.

Gerken, A., Lee, K., Bain, M., & Kim, S. A. (2024). Correlation between aggression at the veterinary clinic and problem behaviors at home for cats in the USA. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 26(2), 1098612X231214907.

Brand, C. L., O’Neill, D. G., Belshaw, Z., Dale, F. C., Merritt, B. L., Clover, K. N., & Packer, R. M. (2024). Impacts of Puppy Early Life Experiences, Puppy-Purchasing Practices, and Owner Characteristics on Owner-Reported Problem Behaviours in a UK Pandemic Puppies Cohort at 21 Months of Age. Animals, 14(2), 336.

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