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Starting in September, Smart Dog Training and Behavior is welcoming a new training and behavior intern, Melanie Dean.  Melanie is a Psychology student at the University at Albany.  I had the pleasure of having her in my Learning class this past spring, where she was one of the top students in the class.  Melanie is interested in animal behavior, particularly dog behavior.  She will use this internship to learn more about working directly with dogs and solidify her future career goals. Melanie plans on attending graduate school after completing her bachelor’s degree.

As my intern, Melanie will play a critical role in implementing  training and behavior plans for clients.  For example, if I am working with a leash-reactive dog, I need to train that dog around another “therapy” dog that is calm and well-behaved.  This is where Melanie comes in. She will handle the therapy dog at a distance, while I train the client’s dog to walk calmly past the other dog or sit and stay while the therapy dog passes us.  I am very excited to have Melanie join our team!

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