Episode 13 – Dr. Tammy McClain, PsyD

Dr. McClain is a licensed clinical psychologist who has 27 years of experience administering and evaluating a wide variety of personality, intelligence, and aptitude psychological tests. She is an innovative and understanding professional proficient in mental health and therapeutic interventions and protocols.

In addition, she has expertise in ADHD and PTSD and is well-versed in providing strategic direction and ongoing leadership to academic programs. She obtained her certification in dog training from Catch Canine Trainers Academy in 2022, and is the owner of Positive Attitude Dog Trainers in Northern West Virginia where she provides obedience training and behavioral consultation.

In this episode, we talk about how to navigate those challenging and sensitive client conversations, what to do when the client isn’t receptive to your recommendations, and how to prevent and address burnout.

Listen to the audio of the podcast here or on your favorite podcast app.

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Kristina Spaulding

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