The Emotional Animal


The Emotional Animal

What we’ll geek out about

THIS COURSE has been wrapped into Unlocking Resilience: The Big Course. Learn all about it here! 

Emotions motivate behavior. That means that in order to have a full understanding of behavior, we must also understand emotion. Learning what emotions are, how they work, and how they influence behavior will bring you to a whole new level of training and behavior change.

We’ll cover all kinds of emotion-related topics including:
  • What is an emotion?
  • The neurobiology of emotion
  • The relationship between emotion, cognition, and decision-making
  • Emotion and the body
  • Emotional reactivity and the regulation of emotion
  • How to use this information in animal training and behavior

Jump into the world of emotion and see  behavior in a whole new light. You’ll leave with plenty of new ideas and approaches for preventing and addressing behavior issues.

Course features & tuition

How long we’ll hang out

4 weeks

What we’ll do
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Lecture, discussion, interactive application activities & short in-class assignments
  • Quizzes to cement your knowledge & gain your CEUs

CCPDT – 8 for full students, 4 for auditors; IAABC – 10 for full students, 4 for auditors

Your tuition

$330 for students
(Includes 4 hours of instruction, 4 hours of discussion and application activities, course quizzes)

Monthly payment plans are available (for full students only) – 3 payments of $110/month 

$200 for auditors
(Includes 4 hours of instruction)


When we’ll hang out

This course has been replaced by Unlocking Resilience and is no longer available.


Download the syllabus here.

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